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Saturday, December 14, 2013

So you think you KNOW!?

Knowing is a process of applying Active Faith

  •      Do you know your car is still in the parking lot?
  •      How did you know you would be with your family today? 
  •      Were you sure that the sun would come up this morning?
     Now, are you really sure that you know?

     I venture to say that these things are not a matter of knowledge in our lives. These things are a matter of Sure and Active Faith. Why do I say that?  How can I say that?

   You might argue that you know your car is still in the parking lot because it is such a safe neighborhood and your car has a great anti-theft system, and to top it all off, you have left your car parked in the same place over 100 times and it has always been there when you went back.


     You had no idea if you would be together as a happy and healthy family at the end of the day today. But you figured you were all going to safe places and with good people.


     The sun has always come up, every single morning of your waking life and as far back as history could ever reach. It is such an implanted "knowledge" in your head.

     Think of the first time that you parked your car outside in a parking lot in a town where there were many cars stolen that same month. Think about how frequently you would go to the glass doors to make sure that it is still there. How regular would you actually take a step outside to reassure yourself that it was still parked where you left it? These are things that would have gone through your mind as you left your car parked there the first time. After that you no longer worried about if your car was there or not because experiences had proven that it would be there when you went back.

     Do you remember a time when you were young and in just a couple hours you came down with the worst flu you had ever had? How about the day you heard about a friend who's family had experienced a tragic accident? When you came home and the dog had been put down? So many days of your life you had gone to school or work and returned to a nice warm house with a happy healthy family. It has become a regular routine and something you expect.

     Has the sun ever not come up in the morning!? It's so easy and simple to feel that we know it will come up in the morning. What if it was dark for three days with all kinds of disasters like it was in the America's at the time of Christ's death?

     I am here to say, "Take a step back and realize, you don't know those things." You might really feel like you do, but they are a simple matter of faith. What I really want you to see is that you have faith, and you act on it each and every day!

     You might be feeling down on yourself and struggling in your beliefs. It might not be as easy as it once was. Someone you know might me in you exact situation, or one similar to it.

     How can you grow and become stronger in your Faith? You have to start by...

  • Realizing what you have 
     See the strength in your faith that the family will be together at the end of the and that the car will be outside when you check next. When you wake up in morning just soak up the shining sun. Each of these things happen in huge part due to Your Faith! You have Faith!
  • See you have Faith in something bigger
     Because of our creator the sun will be up when you are working tomorrow. Because of the police force in the area, your car will still be in the parking lot. Because of your free country your family is gathered at home safe and sound today.

  • Now Exercise that Faith each and every Day!

    You Do Have Faith and You Have a Father in Heaven Who Loves You.
It is because of our Faith in Christ that we can one day gain a 
knowledge of Him, and live with Him again.

Please... realize the Faith that you have and build upon it!


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