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Thursday, December 19, 2013

I will Live as Narrow as His Truth

People in Your Path

     This last Sunday I was sitting in the lounge of my apartment complex  when a lady that works there walks in with two guys that she had been giving a tour of the place to. The one that looks younger hung back in the room that I was in and he asked what I was watching. I honestly hadn't even looked at the TV that was turned on up on the wall, and I turned to see what was on. As I was doing that he said, "You aren't watching it are you." more in statement form rather than in question form. I agreed with him, and we had a small conversation. As we were talking he asked what I was doing as a missionary, and I told him that I go around and spread the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it blesses families and individuals each and every day. He was overjoyed to find that I was a Christian and sharing God's Word.

     We continued to talk for a couple of brief minutes there in the lounge and then we split ways. Before we did so, we had the opportunity to say a prayer with one another and feel the spirit as we parted ways. This 19 year old boy was enthusiastic and contagiously optimistic about the Gospel and Jesus Christ.

     I think that we can each learn a little from this interaction that I had with him. We can learn to simply talk with the people around us and have a nice conversation and that the Gospel will be brought up in one way or another. We can also learn that Jesus Christ is central to God's Plan of Salvation, and He wants ALL people on earth to enjoy the blessings He so willingly wants to bless us with!

     The best thing that I learned from our short interaction actually came from a phrase that he said.

"I will Live as Narrow as His Truth, but as Wide as His Grace."

     I want to invite us all to think about this phrase as we prepare to enter a new year and as we make changes in our lives from day to day. We must know that to return and live with our Heavenly Father we need to follow His Gospel with the knowledge of His Grace.  

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