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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

An Unexpected Answer

This morning when I woke up the wind was roaring! The RV Trailer was rocking from side to side like a mothers frantic rocking chair. Instantly I thought to myself that I just as well as remain in bed for another 10 minutes instead of getting up to make a lunch. this thought came to me because I know that when the wind is to strong it shuts our cranes down at work and then everyone is sent home for the day. So I went in to work with no lunch expecting to hear that at our kickoff safety meeting for the week. I had a nice warm hot chocolate grasped between my hands not only warming them, but also the insides  of me which were chilled from the truck into the main office. 

After the meeting everyone was standing around and talking a little waiting to hear the official statement from their foremen that their crew would not be working. I had't really thought about it much, but I was only a week ago given some of the mechanic responsibilities. So, it turned out that I was supposed to work for a while and do a few things. After a few hours in the bone chilling wind We were ready to call it for the day (the other mechanic and I).  When we went back to the office we were given some other projects and we ultimately ended up working the whole day. Yeah, as you can guess... I was frustrated a bit and on the verge of being what the kids these days call hangry (a state of hunger so intense that it begins to effect your personality and has a tendency to make people angry). I went back to the trailer to end the day and got there right before the heater was to turn on. so the trailer was slightly chilly but not too bad. I jumped quickly into a nice warm shower to warm myself up. when I got out of the shower I felt like it was brisk, which a a normal after shower feeling. I felt that feeling longer than normal only to find out that we had run out of propane and so instead of having nice hot air blowing into the trailer it was cold air coming in and making the trailer more cold. 

Long story short I had to go to town (a 25 minute drive) to go get propane to finally warm up for the night. which didn't happen still until an hour or so after the propane was hooked back up and the furnace going again. 

This is a somewhat negative story some may say... well... I agree! It is/was. Today I had a different sense on when I looked at the experience of yesterday. I had woke up expecting to have the day off and to get my truck served and pick up a package from the mail and run some other odds and ends errands. As much as I had hoped, that's not how the day ended up going. I even went to bed and thanked Heavenly father for the good day that I had "even though it did kind of suck...". 

When pondering more on my view of yesterday today I had a few things come across my mind.

1st - Perspective

When I was looking at the day I was judging it 100% on the first thing that I had thought about when I woke up. So often in our lives when we are placed in a scenario we have an instinctive thought or impressional feeling. Your gut instinct some people say is always right, and your should stick with it. well I'm here to speak against that narrow minded view. Because today I was thankful that I had worked in the miserable day yesterday because I knew that it had meant I would add $500 to my pay check next week. I was then thankful for working on such a miserable day. 

2nd - Wrong or different? Yes, or yes???

I wanted to be able to benefit from my day yesterday and felt like I would benefit greatly having the day off and sleeping for a few hours and getting other things done. Well... ultimately I still had a beneficial day in which I learned that someone times God answers your prayers in a way that doesn't necessarily meet your early staged expectations, nut later turns up to fulfill expectations that were had for the long term goals. God always answers a prayer with what is best for us whether we realize it then or later.

Through this experience and others I have learned to to accept what happens in my life and to then make the absolute best of my present situation. God does live and He does care enough to answer everyone. He won't always answer with the "yes" that you want, but he will always answer with a yes about what is best for you. I invite each of you to look at the recent trial or hard and frustrating times you have been though and then try to adjust the lenses you are looking at it through and try to realize how God is sending you to more good through the answer you were given. Thanks for reading! Please share with those people you love if this is a lesson that has effected you in a way that you think can help those around you. Share your brief experience and then connect this article. 

I'll be writing...

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