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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Take part in likening the gospel to others!

Thank you all so much for supporting my blog!

I have been writing all of these stories and connecting them to the gospel so that everyone who reads these posts can learn how to recognize God working in their lives a little bit more.

Through a short survey I would like some feedback on my blog. 
You can help by commenting and answering these few short questions:

  • Ranking from 1 to 10 how effective have these posts been with helping you see how God works in your life?
  • What are some Gospel principles that you would like to see linked to a real life event?
  • What are some life events that you would like linked to the Gospel?

Your feedback is important to be able to make this blog effective in helping people come closer to Christ!

Please comment on this post so that you can have some input on the next story that I will relate to the Gospel, or on the next Gospel principle that will be covered. Your feedback is highly welcomed!

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