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Friday, November 8, 2013

That'll make a blister!

I wanted to put something on a little more lively and up beat today so I thought I'd write a poem.
I hope that you'll enjoy!

 Post Holes

Let's use a post hole digger
     For me it's been a while
You use the real elbow grease
     Now that's the western style

Some people think it's best to use a backhoe when you can
     They say the diggin' sure goes quicker
It won't make a farmers tan
     That's more like a city slicker

It doesn't help to build a man
     When you sit and pull a lever
It's when you really get a grip
     And hold on for forever

That the ground begins to move and shake
       It really starts to tear

Now you pull it out and make it clean
     Next you put a post in there

When the job is done 
     and you've tamped the post

You start to feel the burning in your shoulder
     But then you notice what hurts most

It's not your muscles on your back 
     Or the back of your right arm

You look down and see the blister
    You earned that one day on the farm  

1 comment:

  1. In life we make the choices that we do. They don't always come with roses and cherries, sometimes it's just a nasty old blister! Now some time passes and the blister is all healed. Just like the blister healing with time, we have bad experiences in life that get better with time and a healing element called the Atonement of Jesus Christ.